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Grimmfest 2019 Announces Darlin' Film Selection with guest star Pollyanna McIntosh


Grimmfest returns on 3rd October 2019 for four days of horror, cult and fantastic films at the

Odeon Great Northern, Manchester, UK. As full festival passes go on sale, Grimmfest is

delighted to announce their first movie premiere and special guest.

DARLIN', the much anticipated follow up to Lucky McKee's modern horror classic, THE WOMAN, will be having its Northern Premiere at #Grimmfest. The festival team is honoured to welcome the film's writer, director and star, Pollyanna McIntosh (Jadis from THE

WALKING DEAD) to present the screening, talk to festival attendees and complete a limited

number of exclusive signings. DARLIN' sees Pollyanna returning to one of her most iconic

onscreen roles and marks an auspicious debut for her as writer and director. Building on the

themes of McKee's earlier film and the novels of Jack Ketchum that inspired it, but with a

slyly satiric edge and strongly feminist message all its own; DARLIN' sees the implacable feral woman confronted once again with the hypocrisies and far more refined savageries and

cruelties of the supposedly civilised world, as she strives to rescue her child from those who

would claim to offer salvation.

Festival Director Simeon Halligan said:

We are currently tracking down the very best of the latest genre feature films to complete our line-up of premieres for the festival in early October; but we were so excited to secure DARLIN' and Pollyanna that we couldn’t wait to share the news.

A limited number of full film festival passes are available now from the Grimmfest website and these will grant access to every film screening at the festival (Over 20 feature film premieres and a selection of the best new genre shorts), every cast and crew Q&A and a signed item from Pollyanna McIntosh. Single film tickets and signing tickets are also available.

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