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Goodnight short film review


Directed by: Revell Carpenter

Written by: Revell Carpenter

Starring: Revell Carpenter, Michael Bonini, McKylin Rowe

Poster for Goodnight showing protagonist.
Poster for Goodnight

A night at a party turns out rather dramatic.

Daisy (Carpenter) is at home, about to attend an engagement party for her friends Ben (Bonini) and Mark (Rowe). She finishes writing a letter, takes the present and leaves. At the crowded party, she encounters and has a private conversation with Ben. The two of them were involved romantically in the past and Daisy appears to have accepted the fact that things between them have changed. On the other hand, it is indicated that part of Ben still wants to be with her.

This is a touching short drama about regrets, relationships and lost love. The plot evolves around the relationship that Daisy and Ben had. The title is a reference to the fact that their romance has ended.

The acting is quite convincing. Carpenter is the one who has decided to put her romance with Ben behind her, while Bonini is emotional as the one who is hurt by their separation and seems to be struggling with the feelings that he has for her and Mark. Rowe is a cheerful man and unaware of what is going on between his fiance and Daisy.

The narrative often cuts back in time, showing flashbacks of Daisy and Ben's formal relationship. They appear to have had good times together.

Carpenter's script is full of emotional scenes and she does a good job as director. There are clever point of view shots that show the camera's perspective. The film also makes interesting use of slow motion.

William Macaulay does an outstanding contribution as the cinematographer and editor. The lighting and cinematography look beautiful and are rather creative and during the flashback scenes the picture appears old, indicating that they are events took place a while ago. The editing is well-constructed and match cuts effectively.

The soundtrack consists of wonderful piano music, which develops a dramatic feeling and this is thanks to Louis Weeks and Nick Prosper.

Goodnight is a moving story. The main message seems to be that people must move on and let the past be the past. With emotional acting, stunning cinematography and an exceptional score, this short is an impressive achievement.




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