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Goodbye short film


Directed by: Tom Smith

Starring: Jake McDaid, Laura Giselle Hardie, Lucien Morgan, Debbie Tarrier, and Neil Hobbs

Short Film Review by Niall Maggs


Goodbye short film review

What a sensational short film this is; Goodbye was nominated for Best Student Film on two occasions and it's clear to see why. Every element in Goodbye has been done masterfully, and to say it's one of the greatest short films I've ever seen doesn't quite do it enough justice.

Most of us have lost someone close to cancer, and in Goodbye there is a family who is going through the same thing so many of us have gone through; they've recently lost a family member and are grieving over the loss. Throughout the short film, we see the family struggling through this tough time emphasised by the cast's wonderful performances. The relatability of the film's storyline, the same heart breaking experience that can be so emotionally evocative with audiences, means it resonates extremely well and is likely to find a willing viewership who will enjoy the delivery and performances.

Speaking of the performances, Jake McDaid is exceptional in this 12-minute short. His emotion is believable and really creates a realistic portrayal of someone grieving the loss of their brother. His sister, Laura Giselle Hardie, also does a fantastic job - in fact, she's struggling the most in the family; she was closest to her brother and often cared when, it seemed, no one else did.

The screenplay, written by Tom Smith, is fantastic. It's very believable and realistic, and feels pure and genuine. The actors all deliver the lines with emotion, which makes the film work splendidly as a short.

I'd really love to see a feature-length version of the film, as it's clear Tom Smith has some great potential as a filmmaker, Goodbye is nothing short of genius. I'm really looking forward to what he's going to do in the future!



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