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Good Show™ Episode 2: Night of the Living Ted Short Film Review


Directed by: #AlekWiltbank


Three friends enter unknown territory as a zombie apocalypse takes over the earth and survival instincts are forced to kick in. Trapped inside their home with limited food and resources, they must learn to adapt to this new way of living and attempt to make it through this event by barricading themselves inside and debating who would be the first to be eaten if matters became dire…at least we know that there is a huge stack of cheese sticks available if things become unbearable! Unfortunately for the three friends, they may have slightly misinterpreted the news report and jumped to conclusions a little too quickly regarding the whole zombie apocalypse situation, not the best start to an evening. This short film is a hilarious premise that goes from mad to madder and does not shy away from the farcical. Director Alek Wiltbank’s horror comedy takes the audience on the ultimate ‘trip’ and perhaps what not to do if there is ever a zombie apocalypse.

The three guys seem to spend most of their days getting high and watching the news, however, this can also be a recipe for disaster as the paranoia sets in and they need to determine who is a zombie and who is just a severely intoxicated guy wandering the streets, a tough one to call for sure. Wiltbank’s short film is relaxed and natural, it was great to watch the interactions between the three friends playout, a lot of it seemed off script and spontaneous which made for some hilarious and sometimes bizarre scenes, regardless, it was entertaining throughout.

The characters were the key driving force of the narrative and so it was important to have them keep the witty banter and reactions with one another light and bouncy to keep the audience entertained throughout. My favourite character particularly is the man running around with a horse mask, strange but it worked! This level of comedy was kept up throughout the piece and this can often be quite a tricky skill to uphold, that level of passion and humour can sometimes dry out as the film progresses, however, all three actors managed to keep the audience on their toes.

Night of the Living Ted was lacking in quality footage, there were scenes that were too dark and slightly grainy in places and the cinematography was not entirely up to scratch, as well as the sound which was sometimes difficult to make out. These are improvements which would have really set the film apart and could have lifted the comedic scenes as well. Regardless, this is a comedy horror that you should try out, and with a few tweaks it would be fantastic to see more great comedy adventures for our three friends to conquer.


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