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Geronimo: In Flight documentary review


Directed by: Colleen Brady

Starring: Kate Greenberg

Still Image from Geronimo: In Flight showing Kate Greenberg
Geronimo: In Flight Still Image

Here is a piece of work that is likely to appeal primarily to animal lovers, wannabe vets and those who are considering taking up aerial acrobatics. Colleen Brady's short documentary Geronimo: In Flight presents the life of Kate Greenberg, who works as a veterinarian and practices aerial arts.

The film starts by introducing Kate as she describes her work at an animal hospital in the United States, where she treats a variety of animals. Approximately halfway through the attention turns to her chosen form of exercise, that being aerial acrobatics and she is shown performing impressive stunts using an aerial hoop.

The documentary is very well structured. Viewers are presented with shots of various animals that are treated at the hospital, such as dogs, horses, moose and even camels. While Kate is interviewed regarding her job as a veterinarian, her words are used as voice-over, effectively accompanying the images. She describes what it's like working in this profession, what the challenges are and how she motivates herself to get the job done. In the aerial acrobatics section she describes the benefits that she gains by pursuing this activity. The slow motion sequences of her exercising are beautiful and present an image of blissfulness.

The main subject here is of course Kate. Constantly smiling, she comes across as quite pleasant and appears more than willing to open up about herself. The way she describes the life of a veterinarian and hobby as an aerialist is very informative and one can comprehend that she is content with the choices she has made.

Director Brady does a good job and Amir Muhammad's calming and mesmerising score is a great addition to this project, delivering tenderness to the images.

This documentary is a pleasant and touching look at a person's life and achievements. It shows a happy individual making her contribution to the world, while at the same time making sure that she gains too.



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