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Gemini short film

Directed by Bobby Hodgson

Starring Tom Carter, Mhairi Calvey & James Kirk

Short film review by Monica Jowett

Short crime thriller Gemini keeps you wanting more throughout its duration. The film follows Mr Kendall (Tom Carter), who is struggling in an awkward situation of having an affair with a co-worker and then becoming embroiled with a dangerous heist.

The narrative follows a simple structure, yet the clever dialogue from writer and director Bobby Hodgson leaves you wanting more as each scene hints that something more intriguing could be going on and we are rewarded with exciting twists. The film has the right pace for a 30 minute short, and no stone is left unturned.

Tom Carter is the stand out star of Gemini as he gives an outstanding performance as Mr Kendall, the emotionally uncertain bank manager. He provides the perfect balance of a man who seems perfectly in control and yet someone who has nothing in his life in order.

Supporting character Jessica (Mhairi Calvey) is almost like a femme fatale, we see that she is manipulative yet she clearly has a vulnerable side that is compelling to view. The Jester (James Kirk) is a terrifying antagonist for Mr Kendall, brilliantly creating fear through just his voice and body movements.

The cinematography and editing in Gemini really stand out. The use of jump cuts and flashes, layering each shot gives it a feeling that each scene is a blurry vision for our central character of Mr Kendall. The cinematography combines bright high key lighting and dark shadowed lighting that increases the tension and furthers the atmosphere of confusion surrounding Mr Kendall.

The music is used creatively during the short film. Certain scenes are void of music, yet the quiet background noise or silence is just as effective as an emotive score. When other scenes need the added intensity, the screeching and jumpy music keeps you on the edge of your seat.

However, there are certain scenes and lines of dialogue that feel unnecessary, and though they make the film cohesive it does make it drag on a little. Nevertheless, Gemini remains completely enjoyable, and each new development keeps you enraptured.


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