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Free short films to watch in April 2018

Film Feature by Chris Olson

We recently launched a brand new version of the UK Film Channel with the idea to promote the work of the indie filmmakers we support whilst offering our fans the chance to watch free short films online.

I get the honour and privilege of watching a lot of short films for free in my role as Editor and critic for UK Film Review and often get asked where audiences can see the films I review. Whilst many filmmakers have their own plans for distribution and reaching an audience, it gives me immense pleasure to share with you some new arrivals on the UK Film Channel.

April Free Short Films

The Damned

Directed by Fred Cavender, this sci-fi short film has some incredible visuals as well as a nice deep and meaningful story. It has plenty of spectacle for fans of bigger budget science fiction blockbusters, all packed into a tight running time.

We gave it four stars and thoroughly recommend you head over to the Film Channel and check it out.


This is one of our featured films on the UK Film Channel menu page, so scroll down to see it because it's so worth it! Or alternatively use the videos in this post.

A boxing genre film from the perspective of a Down’s Syndrome fighter who wants to compete but faces tons of obstacles in order to even get the chance.

Told with an immersive aesthetic and smart filmmaking, this is a ferocious and formidable short film to enjoy.

Hold Me Down

One of my recent film reviews, I was so happy to be able to add this short film for people to watch for free on our channel. It is beautifully filmed with a heartbreaking story and an incredible central performance from Tianna Allen.

Allen plays a single mother who dances in an illegal New York club. The film explores her tragic situation made worse by the uncaring people around her.

So there you have it, three free short films to watch. All heartily recommended by me and all on the UK Film Channel in April.



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