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Freaks - Film Review


Directed by #AdamStein and #ZackLipovsky,


Directed by Adam Stein and Zack Lipovsky, Freaks is about a little girl Chloe (Lexi Kolker) who has been kept hidden inside her house her entire life by her overly protective father (Emile Hirsch) due to a worldwide secret he has kept from her.

The message of the film is that it is okay to be different, everyone is special in their own way and that is okay.

The movie overall flows well, from the beginning of the film, the audience gains an understanding of the dad’s character, the audience learns that he is very protective of Chloe, which would get the audience questioning why he does not allow her outside. When Chloe is seen opening the front door, her dad immediately grabs her and shuts the door out of fear he mentions that “the bad men” will get to her, after hearing the dad say this the audience this will questioning who the bad men are and will question Chloe and her dad.

The opening soundtrack plays a creepy broken ice cream truck noise, which fits into its genre, a thriller. The film also explores the sci-fi genre due to the use of human experiments.

Chloe is stubborn and bright however she can be considered a bit uneducated as she has never been let out of her house to socialise and learn about life from the outside. The dad is overly protective and can come across suspicious, his actions would get the audience questioning his character, if he really is related to Chloe, why he the way he is, and what is he hiding. In the film the audience are introduced to the last main important character, the ice cream man. The ice cream man first comes across creepy, suspicious and intelligent. The way he treats Chloe will make sense towards the end of the film as the audience will understand his motive.

Camera shots- sometimes the use of the camera can confuse the audience and can make them question what is really happening and what isn’t, which isn’t a bad thing as it will make sense at the end of the film, this is due to the lighting, camera angles and the script.

Performance wise, all the actors did an amazing job portraying their characters. Their performance will give an effect to the audience and make them questioning every single character’s motive and will also question the plot of the film.


This film is worth the watch. The plot is not so realistic however it can be based around conspiracy theories which is very interesting.



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