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Filmmaker Interview with Tristan Waterson

Interview by Chris Olson

Tristan Waterson
Filmmaker Tristan Waterson

You are back with a new piece, Pill. How would you describe the film to an audience?

Pill will leave you thinking. There are endless possibilities with this concept and I have chosen to tell just one of these stories through three teenagers in London.

You are not in the director's chair this time but writing and starring. What's the reason for that?

I think taking on too much can be detrimental to the final result. Writing and producing was something I could do during pre-production however once I hit the set I knew I had to embody the character and just have my acting hat on. Having the incredible Dan Lowenstein to direct really helped and I felt just like any other member of the cast, viewing the script as if I had not written it.

Your short film One Night Understanding did well. How has the journey for that been?

I launched Two Letter Productions in late 2018 and I was completely inexperienced in the world of filmmaking. Teaming up with Dan Lowenstein again for that project was a masterclass in learning the process. The film did very well in festivals and sparked me to take on more projects.

What's important to you when writing a film or series? Is there a set process?

Concepts tend to come to me, a strong concept will have 100s of stories that could come from it. I then just tell a story that I could relate to through that concept as I always write from what I know.

What advice would you give to new filmmakers?

Don’t just say you’re going to do it. Do it. Reach out to professionals as they are always willing to work and collaborate. Know what your expertise are and employ people to do what you’re not good at.

How do you envisage your filmmaking career going from here?

As I gain more attention as an actor, more doors will open with filmmaking. A lot of the creatives I collaborate with have been people I have met through acting work so networking has been essential. I hope my production company can start to co-produce with others and work on scripts that I haven’t written myself.

Who would you love to work on a film with and why?

Spike Lee and Christopher Nolan are two of the greatest filmmakers of all time. I feel like I take inspirations from Nolan’s concepts and Lee’s shooting style and narrative.

What would you say if you were a dolphin?

I would say...go watch Pill!


Which you can do right now! We have embedded the full pilot episode below.



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