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Filmmaker Interview with Aimie Willemse

Filmmaker Interview by Chris Olson

Filmmaker Interview with Aimie Willemse

Hi Aimie, many thanks for speaking with us. Where in the world do we find you right now?

Hello from Glasgow, Scotland! Not the sunniest location by any means but it is home.

You have a new short film, Unravelling, currently in Post-Production which you wrote and directed. What's the plot and how did this story originate?

Unravelling is a harrowing exploration of multiple sclerosis through a young woman who becomes plagued by a strange physical manifestation sprouting from her body while helping declutter her chronically ill grandmother's cottage.

But when ripping out these thorns leads to debilitating consequences, Fiona must learn to accept her condition or else be consumed by it.

Still from short film Unravelling

After years of watching my uncle slowly deteriorate and then being diagnosed myself in 2020, I guess Unravelling started as a creative exercise to process. But I quickly realised that writing my experiences down wasn't enough, that I needed to immerse others into my life with this invisible horror.

Even though it has been a challenging experience it has been cathartic to face my illness on my terms... not to mention scaring some people along the way. Haha!

This is your 7th short film, how was it different making a film this time?

Whether it's the first film or the 100th, every project has its own unique quirks and pitfalls that you must learn how to navigate as a filmmaker but I've found that a big difference comes down to the support you have around you.

Unravelling wouldn't exist without my producer and friend, Serena Gardner encouraging me to dig deep as a writer. Thanks to the opportunity to collaborate with wonderful industry professionals and emerging talent, I felt safe in sharing this extremely personal story while also pushing myself as a writer/director.

What are you hoping audiences take away from watching Unravelling?

Besides terrifying them? I want to take the audience to question what they think they know about an invisible illness like multiple sclerosis by taking them on a journey. To immerse the audience in this waking nightmare while still being able to find a shred of hope.

Life with MS doesn't start in a wheelchair or disability and isn't limited to the elderly, so why does the media portray it as so?

What have been the challenges of making the film?

I'd say some of the biggest challenges I faced while making Unravelling was learning how to work with the Blazing Griffin execs during the script development. Receiving feedback is never fun but it helped push me to write a more honest, and personal, story and the film is much stronger for it!

Also, the overall ambitiousness of the project challenged me, working with intricate SFX, Steadicam and a body double contortionist on set were definitely firsts in my #filmmaking career but I am so excited to see how it's all elevated the film.

Unravelling short film: behind the scenes

Is there anything our readers can do to help support the film?

Even though we have filmed Unravelling, we still need a little help to finish this ambitious film. Through our current Indiegogo campaign, we hope to crowdfund extra funds to help cover post-production costs. No donation is too small to make a difference so please pledge today to help us smash our goal.

What's next for you, after this short?

My plan after this short is to develop Unravelling into a feature while looking into future funding opportunities. I'd love the opportunity to build off this experience of working with a bigger budget and with industry professionals while I continue to forge a career as a prolific filmmaker.

Why do you make movies?

Film has always been an influence in my life: the thrill of evoking emotions, challenging perceptions and exploring new worlds. It is this passion for immersing audiences in surreal and fantastical stories of my own that drives me to make films.


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