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Film Podcast: Jeepers Creepers

By Chris Olson

2023 is off to a bang and what better way to celebrate than delving into a brand new film podcast episode from UK Film Review? Well, there are probably some ways that are better but very few, especially with a retro horror classic being explored in The Scream Test - Jeepers Creepers!

Join host Rachel and her guest Luke as they take a fun and light-hearted look at the 2001 horror film and discuss the other films in the franchise.

The film podcast episode was recorded on Christmas Day and released on January 5th via all popular podcast platforms, so feel free to listen wherever you get your podcasts. Remember to subscribe, share, and review wherever possible. And drop a comment to us on social media if you have listened and what you thought.

If you are already a fan of the UK Film Review Podcast, you may be aware of our other shows. Including The Fantom Zone - your go-to podcast for all things comic-book related. From their Nerd News to their exploration of the MCU and beyond, it's one of the best things to get in your ears (in our humble opinion).

There is also the New Film Releases podcast, which recently reviewed Avatar: The Way of Water. Join the host Robert as he takes a look at the latest films being released in cinemas in the UK.

For fans of queer cinema, there is the brilliant Gay, Actually podcast hosted by Amber and Joyce. Join their popular show and be sure to follow their official Instagram: @gay_actually

We will be releasing new film podcasts in 2023 including an exciting new show called UK Film Club - where we want YOU, that's right, YOU to be involved. Whether you are a film fan, filmmaker, or just a UKFR lover (the latter of which is our personal favourite), we want to open up the chance to get you involved with our film podcast. Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

Click the banner below to listen to the Jeepers Creepers episode now!


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