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Fancy a Redo? short film review


Directed by: Gurjant Singh

Written by: Omar Parvaz

Starring: Viraj Juneja, Parvinder Shergill

Short Film Review by: Chris Olson


Fancy a Redo? Short Film Poster
Fancy a Redo? Short Film Poster

Fancy a Redo? Film Review

The enduring battle and crippling emotional gauntlet that is the first date gets a refreshingly modern comic twist in the short film Fancy a Redo? Written by Omar Parvaz and directed by Gurjant Singh, the movie takes a playful look at two characters comparing their worst dates after just being on a bad one together.

Viraj Juneja and Parvinder Shergill play the leading pair, who have clearly just finished an underwhelming first date - apparently, among other failings, there were green poppadoms! In a burst of frankness, the two characters sit in the car and swap stories about their worst dates, with hilarious side characters and imaginative embellishments. A particular highlight sees Juneja's character attempting to play himself as an action hero after being robbed in a previous romantic rendezvous, one of which he provides several varying accounts of. As the pair connect over their previous horrible experiences (one guy live streams a whole date) it becomes clear that there is chemistry between these two people but will it be enough to shake years of disappointing dalliances?

Fancy a Redo? is full of charm, likeable characters, and, most essentially, great comedy. The jokes get executed brilliantly and the use of creative liberty allows the short film to take on an unpredictability that is definitely engaging and enjoyable. The film has a high production value, slick editing, and knows how to incorporate modern flair to satisfy today's audience. There are also moments of pathos to balance the comedy, in particular the ending which was highly effective.

Juneja steals the film, with a performance that is commanding and natural. His comedic timing is on point throughout. Shergill is a good on-screen partner, however, seems less confident with the dialogue and struggles to seem as natural. The other performers all do well to support the story, in particular a thug who has several other flashbacks and Zumba to get to!

As with all good romantic comedies, the filmmakers here know how to leave us wanting more. It's a great snapshot into the potential blossoming of a new relationship, where the characters feel well-rounded and their past experiences authentic. The film doesn’t really tread too much new territory, even if the delivery feels fresh, and we aren’t getting down into much depth in terms of thematic exploration of the characters and their backstories. Instead, the film is a lighter affair and audiences are likely to enjoy this aspect.



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