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Exit 0 indie film review


Written and Directed by #EBHughes

Story by E.B. Hughes and #GregoryVoight


E.B. Hughes’ third feature-film as both writer and director is difficult to define to one genre of filmmaking, as it encompasses many elements throughout its run time. This makes for an intriguing watch, as the film jumps around from a detective/mystery drama to psychological thriller to a relationship drama, as the viewer attempts to uncover the truth about what has gone on, like Billy himself.

In an attempt to fix their struggling relationship, Billy, played by Gabe Fazio, and Lisa, played by Augie Duke, have dropped everything to go on a weekend getaway to The Doctor’s Inn. Things escalate between the couple from the get go and there are clearly problems between the two of them, as paranoia and dread begin to build from the outset. Weird and unusual things start to happen on their way to their trip and as they arrive at the house. Are these things really happening – or is Billy’s paranoia influencing his mind into playing tricks on him? When Billy discovers a video of a murder that occurred in the very same hotel room that they are staying in for the weekend, things only get weirder as Billy tries to uncover the truth about what happened in the tape.

The original music in Exit 0 is created by #ThomasSimon and it is effective in evoking an eerie and unsettling tone. #WilliamJMurray's cinematography alongside the original score is particularly memorable. When Billy is unable to sleep and he is captured wandering around the corridors of the house, danger is evoked through the red hues standing out amidst the dark corridors, creating an imposing visual look to the film. The shaky and up close camera work feels intimate and raw in the scenes when Billy is reacting to the haunting events which are taking place and this filming style reinforces the unnerving nature of these strange things that are happening around him. This style also highlights the great performance from Gabe Fazio as Billy, whose paranoia and uncertainty around his past feels real. His chemistry with Augie Duke as Lisa carries the scenes focused on their relationship drama.

The majority of the film takes place within the confined setting of The Doctor’s Inn, and the film does a good job at reinforcing the sinister and paranoia inducing elements of the script.

Floorboards creak in The Doctor’s Inn, the characters which inhabit the house are strange, time seems to move differently in the house, and not to mention drawers open and close of their own accord. Exit 0 does suffer from how much it tries to explore, yet the film is a brilliant study in paranoia which works best in its more unsettling moments.



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