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Escaping Freedom indie film review

Updated: Jun 25, 2020


Directed by: Edd Blott

Written by: Edd Blott

Starring: Patrick D. Green, Kelly Godell, Jonathan Daniel Miles, Brian Adrian Koch, Laura Welsh

Escaping Freedom movie poster featuring a man and a woman in an embrace.
Escaping Freedom movie poster

Escaping Freedom is an indie film written and directed by Edd Blott and starring Patrick D. Green, Kelly Godell, Jonathan Daniel Miles, Brian Adrian Koch and Laura Welsh. The plot focuses on a pastor named Vincent (Green) and his foster sister Krystal (Godell), who meet again after being apart for a long period of time and attempt to reunite, while at the same time they deal with their own personel issues.

The script is a roller coaster of emotions. Blott does a remarkable job in creating dramatic scenes of confrontations, anger, sadness, tenderness and happiness. The script includes well written characters and effectively structured dialogue that greatly contributes to the narrative and character development.

The performances are truly outstanding. Green is excellent in portraying a homosexual man who is struggling with his sexuality and his faith in God. His conflict with his homosexuality is suggested when he asks a girl named Katie (Welsh) out, even though he is attracted to the same sex. His lack of faith is indicated when he is asked what his thoughts are regarding God and life, to which he responds that it feels like being underwater, where one is alone and there is no sound. He also states that when one achieves, they should not just give credit to God but to themselves as well. Godell is also terrific in her performance as a troubled individual, who is a struggling actress, an alcoholic, bad tempered and uses a lot of profanity. Both Green and Godell bring to life the emotions that their characters are going through with such passion that it would be hard not to be moved by their performances.

The acting of the supporting cast is also great and they bring superd qualities to the film.

The score that Alejandro Villanueva Medina composed for the film is astonishing. The music is beautiful, powerful and haunting and it adds great atmosphere to the scenes and gives them serious depth and effectively represents the character's emotions. Medina's work gives the impression that it could not had been better.

The film is superbly edited, with beautiful cinematography and slow motion sequences. Blott does an effective job by using hand-held cameras, as he creates fantastic shots. The hard work that the cast and crew put in this feature is clearly visible from start to finish.

Escaping Freedom is very heavy on emotions. The characters's struggles create tense drama and thanks to the performances and score, the audience will definitely appreciate this truly beautiful film. A film worthy of great praise and acknowledgement.



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