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Egg (2020)- Short Film Review

Star Rating: ⭑⭑⭑⭑

Directed by: #MichaelJGoldberg

Written by: #MichaelJGoldberg

Short Film Review by: Thomas Jay

Written, Directed and Edited by Michael J. Goldberg, Egg is the Uber glamorous tale of how a single egg overcame tragedy to eventually make its way onto the table from its humble farmland beginnings.

Opening with Jeff (Alex Anfanger) suffering through a date with Alana (Leah Henoch) our protagonist, or “protagonist of sorts” to give him a more fitting title, begins to fantasies about the journey this egg has taken as he fears the food is potential set to go to waste. As his mind wanders from Alana’s incessant ramblings, the fun begins. Crashing into the clump of egg and evoking CGI sequence of the DNA structure that resembles the title sequences from the early 2000s X-Men films, we‘re transported to Pete’s farm who begins on his journey to distribute his freshest batch of eggs to his waiting customers. Pete’s (Patrick Woodall) journey montage again pays reference to classic Hollywood films of old with a travelling map line best seen in the Indiana Jones films where he’s eventually held up by two goons of Charlie (Aaron Schroeder). With Charlie being owed by the lowly Pete, the suavely dressed Schroeder orders the execution of his stock which the goons set about completing. Distraught, Pete just manages to break from his screams to save the last surviving egg and sets him off on a new life. Hitching a ride off a young woman who he clearly makes an impression on, Egg channels his inner Patrick Swayze taking up a position in a bar (a la Roadhouse) and sets himself up in a new life. Still, after settling down and being wedded to Julia (Caitlin McGee) the past manages to catch up with him and Charlie completed his revenge, murdering the egg batch entirely...or so it seems. Suddenly cutting back to Jeff who‘s spooked by the sudden presence of a salad, Alana bails from the date and reveals her true identity which happens to be the well travelled foodstuff. I’m a further twist that reveals Jeff and Charlie to be brothers, a move I can only imagine being a reference to Breaking Bad the restaurant which makes for the films majority setting, makes them out to be ‘The Egg Brothers’ who’ve reinvented how food is consumed. The one that got away and the films true hero is reunited with his wife and Pete, escaping as Jeff scratches his head. Funnily enough a position I ended up in.

The short is undoubtedly funny but this sense of confusion seems to be more dominant in my thoughts on this piece. It’s plot is very, very bloated and parts conflict but the humour balances it out. Now it’s something I can forgive as the other elements are enjoyable on their own but it’s something to certainly bare in mind, it’s not so much a narrative short just one that’ll have you in hysterics. Furthermore the references might to an extent be slightly detrimental, as it tries to rock off boxes of conventions it can replicate and references to do, which are enjoyable but the mass amount does mean the plot has to slightly be sacrificed.

A short that’ll be guaranteed to crack you up (fully intended that one) which is also extremely well made, Egg is a hilarious 11 minute short film and one you shouldn’t miss. Put forth for the Tribeca festival and now part of the online ‘We are One’ festival, catch it on Youtube while you can!

Reviewed: #TomJay


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