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Dyed in the Wool Short Film Review


Directed by: #BillSorrice


Dyed in the Wool is a short series that follows couple Ev and Freddie. Ev has lost her job recently and the pair find themselves in some very awkward social situations as they visit friends and family and inform them of the news. Sadly, Freddie is not the type to hold back on some of his opinions and fails to live up to Ev’s expectations when it comes to social cues and general etiquette. However, many of Freddie’s gibes are not far off from what we are all thinking when it come to dealing with insufferable guests that just don’t know when to shut up! The series did not follow on from one another, each episode was its own individual comedic piece, so it made it interesting to discover something new within each episode, and new characters to connect with.

Freddie is an average guy that enjoys football and drinking beer with his mates, his girlfriend Ev is polite, friendly and tries to make sure everyone around her is comfortable, the total opposite to Fred! Their relationship seemed unusual, I struggled to see the chemistry between the two, their personalities were clearly opposites. There needed to be something that bonded to the two, such as through humour or subtle glances towards one another when placed in such uncomfortable situations. The comedic side to these short episodes were great and included lots of humorous and uncomfortable moments for our main characters. It is a series that projects the normal day-to-day interactions we have in life whether this be dinner parties or catching up with old friends and shows the audience what it would be like if we did highlight the absurd behaviour of people. There was almost a Larry David vibe to the main character Fred. His unfiltered nature, alongside some rather alternative characters made for some funny moments and made it easy to relate to some of the awkward moments.

Unfortunately, the drawback to this short series is the editing and camera work. This did let the scenes down a fair bit, it had an amateurish feel throughout and seemed close to a home video style. The camera angles were extremely shaky in places which made the piece look poor in quality. However, with this said, if this became tightened up and improved upon this series has a lot of potential with its strong comedy element. The main characters need to be established further and the audience need to see that connection between the two. Dyed in the Wool is a great comedy short series with hilarious characters, entertaining storylines, and strong potential.


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