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Done In

Directed by Adam Stephen Kelly

Starring Guy Henry

Film review by Amaliah S. Marmon-Halm

A short that contains so much drama and intrigue in such a small package, Done In shows an ageing man (Guy Henry), in a beautiful manor, recalling memories of his life as he is saying his goodbye to the world, all in the hope of being reunited with his dead wife. What first seems like a rather sad and sweet story swiftly becomes rather sinister and quite dark (Don’t worry, UK Film Review don’t knowingly do spoilers!).

Upon first glance, this might seem like a short film that would tie in very well to a Downton Abbey, safe for a cup of tea type of movie, but appearances are often deceiving. This is not a short to be brushed off and added to the pile of period dramas that always seem to be produced in abundance. The elegant nature of the shots and the very nature of the film just makes you want to give a little more attention. Director Adam Stephen Kelly and his team very masterfully create this wonderful drama in such a way, using pictures of his children and the stories of his past, you immediately feel very bad for the man. They also seem to be masters of misleading the audience as the final twist is rather unexpected.

If you are a fan of Holby City/Casualty, then Henry’s sinister yet charming face will be a familiar one. As the narrator and man behind the goodbye letter, his delivery just adds to the sombre tone and carries so much longing.

As with any good thriller, there are moments that are truly shocking and tragic! The latter half of the film successfully transforms the atmosphere to where your entire perception of the story changes. Apart from a few sound and editing issues, this really is a great film that does leave you asking “just why???” at the end.


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