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Denervation short animated film review


Directed by: Joshua Ashish Dawson

Written by: Joshua Ashish Dawson

Starring: Hannah Patterson, Tim Limpert, Bill Mecca

Poster for Denervation showing masks and syringes.
Movie Poster for Denervation

Here is an animated short, which focuses on an occurrence that is very familiar these days: the outbreak of a deadly substance.

The film begins by describing the substance, stating that it is the most dangerous poison known to man. Scenes show the substance being handled inside a laboratory and being used as an ingredient form of beauty treatment. If mishandled, this substance will cause the nerves of a human to stop functioning, eventually preventing the possibility of breathing. A text then reveals that a small, industrial has suffered a series of airborne outbreaks of that substance, making the air toxic. That town is the main provider of the primary beauty product of an exclusive medical spa. The film then offers an insight into the lives of the town's citizens, after the outbreak. Everybody is walking around, wearing a mask that covers their entire face. There is a market, where people can purchase cans and bags of clean air. People have to queue in order to enter a bar that has containers of clean air. There are also people who fly around in sphere-shaped vehicles, avoiding the polluted air. It is revealed that the outbreak was caused by counterfeiters, who handled the substance carelessly.

This science fiction drama performs as a documentary. It examines the substance and the effects the outbreak has had on the town's people.

Dawson also worked on the visual effects, world building and animation, and he does a great job. He successfully brings to life a community, whose residents have been forced to change their lives due to a breakout. The visuals look very realistic and the atmosphere is rather bleak.

There are several voice actors, who provide voices for journalists and the townspeople and they do so rather convincingly. The atmospheric music, by Russell Henson, effectively matches the tone of the film.

Denervation is a piece of work that paints a picture of a place in peril, due to carelessness and indifference. It raises awareness regarding pollution and destruction of the environment and warns against the mismanaging of hazardous materials.



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