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Delicacy short film



Foodies really get on my nerves, I don’t know why but they do, it’s just food dude, shove it in your mouth, continue to live, and move on. But no, there is a whole subculture of mouth savouring, meal Instagramming folks who think artisan bread hand kneaded by a 5 year old Korean child slave is better than a classic slice of Kingsmeal...bread is bread fools.

So what if you were eating this amazing product that you’re paying some ridiculous price for, and you find out that it’s not made by a Korean child...but is actually made of human bones or Spam or something? That probably happens a lot more than you think, well director Michael Middleton Downer has the same concerns too.

Delicacy is the tale of a young lady who creates these amazing little pie things [honestly that’s how little I care about food, I don’t even know what they are called, think mini Cornish pasties but from China] for a high end eatery. They beg with her to work in the kitchen with the other chefs but she is insistent, the magic she creates can only happen if she prepares them alone from the comfort of her home.

But on her walk back to her house to create some more precious mini Cornish pasty pies, she is hit on by a stranger, who after some hesitance from our leading lady, eventually ends up taking him back to her place...score.

And yup, you guessed it, the magic pasty pies contains her own version of soylent green.

Professional and slick, short film Delicacy boasts amazing #cinematography, the use of lighting throughout the piece cannot be overlooked, gentle and low level, the #shortfilm gives off a warm and safe vibe, kind of how people may feel when sitting down to a family meal in the evening. We are invited in and we want to stay.

Bird and Fowler bring professional performances, their on screen chemistry works well. You sense the nerves yet excitement that come with a first date, portrayed on screen confidently making viewing pleasant and believable.

Sadly the storyline is predictable; we are able to guess that her ill fated date would be the main course quite quickly as the set up leaves little to the imagination. The storyline has potential but the execution causes us to figure out the ending about three minutes in. Had they considered a different arrangement to the storyboard this may have been avoided but overall it does not take too much away from the enjoyment of viewing.


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