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Dark Web short film review


Directed by: Dylan Kelly

Written by: Dylan Kelly

Starring: CJ Zisa, Natalie Wilson

Still Image from Dark Web showing protagonist and title..
Still Image from Dark Web

The dark web is the part of the World Wide Web that can only be accessed utilizing particular software and it allows users and website operators to remain untraceable and anonymous. Because of this, it is used for illegal activities, such as the purchasing of illegal drugs and guns. And one disturbed man is using it for his own sinister, inhuman purposes.

A longhaired, bearded man (Zisa) is outside his house, smoking a cigarette. He then goes inside his garage, which is filled with tools and there is a woman (Wilson) in there, tied to a chair and blindfolded. He films himself torturing people and uploads the recording on the dark web.

This short psychological thriller takes the viewer into the mind of a deranged individual. He shows no remorse for his actions and does it because he wants to.

Zisa delivers a chilling performance as a lonely individual, whose motivation appears to be the enjoyment of torture and sadism. He feels no remorse and will not stop his sickening actions.

The music sounds frightening. It creates feelings of danger and dread, which suits the atmosphere very well. The film also uses interesting sound techniques. A loud bang is heard as a hammer strikes a person, highlighting the serious devastation of the action. There is also a very short montage, consisting of fast cutting, accompanied by loud noises. The shots show a woman in peril and the disturbing, loud noises emphasizes the terrible event taking place.

The brief voice-over provided by the culprit sheds some light on his motives. He is basically running a sickening business through the dark web, uploading his clips of torture for people to view.

Dark Web is not just a thriller, it raises awareness about the existence of the dark web and how bad people can take advantage of that for their own illicit objectives.



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