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Danny Boy short film review


Directed by: Cory DeMeyers

Written by: Sammy Horowitz

Starring: Sammy Horowitz, Jett Jansen

Poster for Danny Boy showing protagonist.
Poster for Danny Boy

Two criminals are in a car, on their way to commit a robbery. While driving, they discuss their plan and homosexuality.

A crook named Francis (Horowitz) is driving through the streets of Los Angeles at night. He picks up his associate Danny (Jansen), with whom he intends to do an armed robbery. On their way, they talk about how they are going to do it and Francis tells a story about one of their associates turning out to be gay. When the time comes to carry out their intentions, things turn rather dramatic.

This amusing gangster dark comedy has lawbreakers, guns, shootings, murder, double-crossing, profanity and with its clever dialogue it could easily be a Tarantino film.

Right from the start, with the opening credits it is clear that the audience is entering a sinister story. The film begins with a montage of guns and bullets and fearsome music that creates a feeling of dread. This sequence leaves no doubt that this is going to be a journey into the criminal underworld.

The majority of the narrative takes place while the two outlaws are making their way to their location and focuses on the conversation they have during that time. As mentioned, they go through their plan and as Francis tells his story, they end up having an argument about homosexuals, which is comical considering that they are about to commit armed robbery.

Horowitz is very convincing as a dangerous criminal with a no-nonsense attitude. Jansen, on the other hand, comes across as less menacing and appears to be less confident about the crime the two of them are about to commit.

Shot on location in L.A., over a period of four and a half hours, this short is very well made, with wonderful cinematography by Deangelo Harding. There are terrific establishing shots of Los Angeles and during many shots the camera is mounted on the car hood, filming the actors through the windscreen and it is a technique that works very well.

The dramatic score creates an ominous and menacing atmosphere, adding significant value to the film.

This achievement is a rather interesting viewing and pays homage to the gangster genre and neo-noir films. The plot is intriguing, the dialogue well-written, the use of lighting rather creative and the performances are great, making this short a must-see.


Trailer for Danny Boy:


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