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Crowning short film review


Directed by: Alexander Jeremy

Written by: Hannah May Jessop

Starring: Hannah May Jessop


A look into the life of an awkward woman.

Crowning movie poster
Crowning movie poster

This short follows a pregnant woman (Jessop) as she goes about her business. It begins with her walking in a park, sitting on a bench, taking out a sandwich and proceeding to remove the prawns from it and add crisps. She then goes to a shop, looks at some jewellery and tries on a dress. Later, she buys a bottle of wine, while avoiding an acquaintance. Finally, she arrives at her fancy home, where she speaks to a husband who is not there and serves cat food to a cat she does not seem to have. She then puts on music and dances in front of a mirror, while drinking wine.

This is a story about an individual who appears to be confused and detached from reality. The heroine's actions give the impression that she longs for things that she does not have. She is a kind and quiet person and seems to be living a lonely life. She also appears to have a drinking problem, as she tries to avoid a woman who she seems to know, when she purchases wine from a shop. The fact that she avoids her while buying alcohol, indicates that the two have a bad history, which might be related to her drinking problem.

The protagonist is living an unconventional lifestyle and why she does so could be open to interpretation. It could be because she wants what she pretends to have but for whatever reason cannot obtain or maybe she once had the things she pretends she has but lost them and now wants it all back.

The acting is good and Jessop delivers a convincing performance as an individual who seems to be living in her own world. Dialogue is limited and the viewers rely mostly on the protagonist's actions to make sense of the film.

The film is very well made, with Jeremy creating wonderful establishing shots. The dancing scene consists of a well-structured montage, accompanied by classical music.

Watching this short drama is an interesting and at times uneasy experience. The atmosphere could be described as strange, with the audience wondering why the woman does what she does. There is also a scene involving wounds that is rather uncomfortable to watch. The plot appears to explore themes of isolation and mental health problems. This is an intriguing achievement that deserves recognition.


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