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Coofie and Sexy Dress short film review


Directed by: #JaeminPark

Written by: #MelBrannon


Coofie and Sexy Dress Movie Review

Coofie and Sexy Dress short film poster
Coofie and Sexy Dress short film poster

Things aren’t what they used to be; smoking is not cheap, landlines are obsolete, I don’t have to visit Blockbuster for my movie hit...god I really miss Blockbuster, there is one in Alaska....excuse me, I’m off to Alaska.

Another thing is men don’t run a household anymore, it’s not the 50s, in fact women take on not only equal amounts of the 40 hour working week [as well as still having to do all the house work and care for the children etc...thanks society] but we are able to dress and act how we please...thanks society.

But in some places this is not the case, for example areas of the Middle East it is frowned upon for women to show a lot of skin as well as their hair, and as a father, the last thing you would want is to see your daughter not playing by the culture’s rules, my father does not want to see me dressed in my Bill Clinton costume again, but come on dad, people want a laugh at a funeral.

Short film Coofie and Sexy Dress delves into the relationship of a father and daughter, a dynamic that is strained due to her desire to dress freely, show her hair, and live her life how she pleases...but daddy is not pleased. He is grumpy, foul tempered and it’s not just because his daughter won’t play ball, this fool has gone and got a loan shark swimming in his waters.

Now a loan shark is not easy to defeat, not unlike real sharks that you just bop between the eyes and they get all flustered, no these loan sharks have left dead chickens on his doorstep with blood written letters, demanding he pay up...wonder where they get the time for such home crafts. Needless to say daddy is spooked.

He runs...he hides...he tries to find a Blockbuster...the stress.

But the story of Coofie and Sexy Dress plays out as you can easily imagine; daddy gets deeper in with the sharks and they decide to get all punchy in the face with him, while daughter discovers the dead chicken, blood letter combo and comes to the rescue with the cash, that she a model, you go girl, you get that dollar.

With the storyline out the way, let’s talk about the movie stats...acting, boom, it’s effortless and well composed, from the dramatic unfolding of the father’s world, to the more introspective performance of the daughter, each of the actors carry their roles with professionalism and ease.

#Cinematography is passable, it’s obviously shot on a small budget, but that does not mean it looks cheap, and with director Jaemin Park’s choice of angles and shots we are given an enjoyable viewing experience.

This story is a little tired sure, daddy wants to help his family but is ashamed of how he is doing so, daughter who appears the black sheep actually saves the day...yeah we know it like the back of our hands, but the performances, the energy and the feel good factor at the end, all make for a surprisingly fun #shortfilm.



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