Cleanliness Begins at Home short film

Directed by Samir Dash Starring Abhinav Dash, Dukhi Shyam Sahoo Short Film Review by Lorenzo Lombardi

Sustainment of our environment is a universally acknowledged duty, and sometimes the public may need a visual reminder of that. Cleanliness Begins at Home is an amusing and digestible example of one such reminder and it will definitely leave audiences with a higher level of awareness, particularly among children.

The short film follows a young boy as he imitates his grandfather’s actions around the house. These are mostly everyday activities, ranging from exercising on a treadmill to shaving. The boy soon witnesses his grandfather littering, an unwanted habit that he subsequently imitates too. He empties a bin onto the floor and points out the mess that had been previously made.

That adolescent’s intent was to point out how children will be inspired by their parent’s actions. This idea is underlined in the short speech, topped off by an optimistic peroration stating that India can be “sweet and clean”.

Oversimplified in presentation, this short will clearly resonate more with younger audiences that are not overly familiar with the process of littering and recycling. Its home setting adds a relatable element to the cause of cleaning up and maybe it can teach youngsters to carry their clean habits to the outside world.

As for craft, Cleanliness Starts at Home will not win any plaudits. It can even feel amateurish at times for some jolty camera movements but this can be forgiven due to its smooth editing structure and natural locale. There is, however, a surprisingly fitting use of an indie rock song called Lonely Child by We is Shore Dedicated that rhythmically punctuated the boy’s curiosity (played charmingly by Abhinav Dash).

Director Samir Dash conveyed an environmental awareness message through an all-in-all effectively simple and pure short film. This idea could have also been invoked equally well in an advert with the same set-up but the unusual song choice and amusement of the child’s wonder is an added watchable bonus. If you want to teach your visual learner child a short and sweet lesson on recycling, put Cleanliness Begins at Home on.

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