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Chris Olson releases 2019 best short films eBook

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Film critic and music artist Chris Olson recently released his eBook "20 Best Short Films 2019" exclusively via UK Film Review. Within the eBook he announced his shortlist of the most impressive shorts that he has reviewed this year.

Alongside the original film reviews which were published by us, Chris Olson also interviews several notable filmmakers about their movies, such as Tim Earnheart (Ricochet, Safe) and Nicohlas Golden and Angela Godfrey (Forget Me Not).

Which Films Made the Cut

We encourage our readers to purchase the full eBook in order to see Olson's comprehensive Top 20 short films of 2019. It is exclusively available to purchase in our Store.

However, if you want to make a guess, we recommend visiting Chris Olson's four and five star movie reviews over the last year or so. The short films you come across are likely to be found within his eBook.

How Do #Filmmakers Get Into the Book

Chris Olson only includes films he has personally seen and reviewed, and the eBook in no way represents the entire UK Film Review family's opinions. Should you wish to specifically request Olson reviews your film for 2020 consideration, we recommend you Submit Your Film and leave a note for Chris.

Chris Olson achieved international recognition as:

"one of the most influential indie film critics in the UK and globally" (Hugo Diego Garcia, filmmaker)

following his founding of UK Film Review in 2012. Having written for several notable publications in London, the music artist turned film critic built his own movie review website which in 2019 has over 30 writers and reviews films from across the globe.

Aside from his work as Editor-in-chief of UK Film Review, Olson also founded its sister VOD platform for indie filmmakers UK Film Channel in 2017. The channel, which broke from the main UK Film Review website in 2019, is now home to a plethora of free movies and rentals.

Outside of film, Chris Olson is a recognised music artist, having written one full studio album as frontman of country indie band The Codes, and his debut solo E.P. "For Emma", which is available on Spotify. His music features on numerous streaming services such as iTunes, Deezer, Google Play, and Amazon.



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