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Chimpsters Film Review

Updated: Sep 7, 2021


Directed by: #DavidBryan


This very short film is set in a small coffee house with, on the face of it, relatively ‘normal’ customers and staff but the audience soon realise this is not the case. In fact, this film shines a light on certain characters in today’s society and their desire to become the most hybrid hipster one may aspire to be. Directed by David Bryan, this short film reveals a snippet into our modern-day world. Chimpsters shows the audience the eccentricities of a subculture who strive to be the most ‘unique,’ and who try to work against the mainstream as much as possible, even if that means becoming the most annoying humans to walk the earth.

Chimpsters begins with a seemingly ‘ordinary’ gentleman ordering a coffee, however, as the story develops, we learn that he is far from the average norm. His order becomes more complex but the second, requesting milk which has been hand squeezed, from Peru, by Chimpanzees wearing tuxedos! I don’t think it could get more stupid than that, surprisingly there were plenty of options available but none that quite fit the bill for this quirky hipster.

The most curious thing about the characterisation of a hipster is their claim to be the most unusual and original, trying to veer themselves away from society’s mainstream culture, however, they lose this uniqueness as they then all seem to follow the exact same style. This clearly explains why this piece was rather witty, it exposed this subculture and highlights their absurd behaviour and basically calls them out for what they are!

This was an amusing and clever short film and brilliantly executes the extreme side of the world we live in today. Both characters were funny and highlighted to the audience that sometimes we have almost too many options in this world! A cleverly written piece and shot extremely well and will have you laughing from beginning to end.

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