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Chaavi short film review


Directed by: #RGCreations


Chaavi short film review
Chaavi short film review

Things I like...films that I understand. Other things I like...films I understand, so guess what we are gonna be talking about this week, that’s it in one, sandwiches. Chaavi, a short film that I think I don’t understand, maybe I’m not meant to, maybe there is some special club of people who understand it and they get together without me to talk about how dumb I dare you.

This movie really is a touch confusing, let’s get into what I think I understood. Our leading man is a lost soul, consumed by alcohol abuse and an ever frayed grasp on reality, he believes for all his wrong doings he will be punished by a higher being called Chaavi. And to make matters worse he bumped a lady he loves off her little moped and then drove off... idiot, if you leave her in the road people will find out, should have rolled her up in a rug and dropped her in a lake...body disposal 101.

His friends become concerned about his insane antics, his manic episodes, and over a nice cup of tea served from some fancy bone china, they talk about how their friendship broke down, how he imagined the girl [is she real, is she not, you never can figure it out], and how his alcohol abuse drove them away. Wow they sound like such supportive friends.

So this all goes on the news and such and people are like, ‘’oh ok, he is insane fah la lalalala’’, and then that’s it...he’s insane and it was in the news, also how funny would it be if the news channels and papers ran stories every time someone had a mental breakdown, I would be proper famous by now if that were the case, my dreams of fame and fortune would come to fruition thanks to my brain powers.

As you can see my loyal fans it’s confusing, I mean the basic element of the story is there but it seems to go nowhere, there is no ending, no cliffhanger, nothing. The guy is insane, everyone finds out, the end...ok cool, that’s a story I guess but it all feels a little cut short.

The acting, the directing style, they stand strong, but there are some clear audio issues, and I considered the fact that some of the storyline has been lost in translation as this short is subtitled, causing my confusion to the plot, maybe there is no secret club after all, just a room full of people who are bad at writing subtitles.

Either way, the ideas are there, the potential for an interesting story is hidden in the undergrowth begging for a little sun in order for it to flourish.



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