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Bolue Vience short film review

Updated: Jan 8, 2021


Directed by #JordanTetewsky


Bolue Vience is a 2016 satirical short film that follows the life of a ‘tortured’ artist, named Vincent, who not only is a pretty bad filmmaker but also a pretty bad boyfriend and a bad friend. In an effort to win back his girlfriend, Kitty, Vincent visits his old ‘family’ of cult clowns in order to use some clown magic to better his life. What does the title mean? Precisely nothing, it is gibberish, or it is a purposeful misspelling of ‘Blue Venice’. Which doesn’t really relate to the film at all. The film is pretty bonkers and goes off on numerous tangents that make it very confusing and bewildering... but that is seemingly meant to be the point! In which case: TOP MARKS for it. I was bewildered and you will be too.

Bolue Vience
Bolue Vience

The acting in regards to all the performers is abysmal. However, it takes some skill to do something badly on purpose and in a way that doesn’t make it seem like it is on purpose, in my opinion. Because of this, I do give props to all the performers and their commitment to the film and what it is trying to do. Hunter Zimny plays Vincent, one of the most unlikeable characters you will ever meet. Zimny is great at playing the artistic artist who is so artsy he’s just plain arrogant and clueless. Considering how bizarre this film is I am amazed that Zimny managed to keep a straight face and maintain Vincent’s air of over-the-top internal conflict.

The soundtrack for the film wasn’t something that stood out that much, there’s so much going on visually and script-wise that you don’t really notice the music and so I don’t think the soundtrack added or took away anything from the production. One thing that did stick out was the overly dramatic synthesised sounds that would occur whenever something important was happening, those sounds made those moments cringeier than they already were.

One thing that actually wasn’t bad at all was the sets that were used. They were varied and they were perfect for each scene. I really liked the set up for the scene involving the clown magic and Vincent’s journey to find that magic. Considering this wasn’t a film with a Hollywood type budget, they utilised what they could and gave some thought to these settings and the way they were arranged.

The first thing that came to my mind when I watched Bolue Vience was The Room by Tommy Wiseau , if you’ve seen that film you know how UNINTENTIONALLY god-awful it is. And yet The Room is cannon for being such a bad film, and that’s basically what Bolue Vience is like, except it is intentionally bad... which makes it less bad in a way, especially since it was so convincingly atrocious. Such a paradox!

Jordan Tetewsky must have had a lot of fun making this film, yet you can see effort was made especially when you look at certain things like the sets and the costuming for the clowns. Admittedly, I struggled to rate this film because I wasn’t sure of what it was trying to do initially, and even when I did understand; I knew that this film is not going to be for everyone. Some viewers won’t be able to look past the hectic nature of Bolue Vience and just appreciate it for being a satirical comedy. Also, satire isn’t for everyone and can definitely push the boundaries of what is offensive and what is comical.

Although, if you want to see the most awkward screen kiss in the history of film, definitely give this film a watch. I do recommend watching it because it's a wild ride and will probably make you laugh out of confusion and embarrassment. If you do watch it, don’t approach it with any seriousness at all otherwise you will be disappointed.



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