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Blort Night For Pow - Film review


Film review by: Brian Penn


Ever keen to approach any film with an open mind, I was not deterred by the narrative for this film. Blort Night for Power is a sci-fi horror cartoon about a homeless, unemployed game creator who gets abducted by two vindictive extra-terrestrials. They use her to destroy their enemies, the exotically dubbed Aehzuki De Annihilation, her husband Joand and the Zsaultaran Federation of Universal Love. A mix of genres created on an Ipad Pro is a challenge for the film maker and viewer. Nevertheless, technology in film will always have its place, provided the essence of good storytelling is not compromised.

However, whilst the graphics are skilfully constructed the characters are deeply irritating and soon begin to grate. The game creator bears an uncanny resemblance to Carla, Captain Kremmen’s side kick in the glorious 1970s cartoon created by Kenny Everett. If you’re too young to remember cuddly Ken you might enjoy this film a lot more. Otherwise, this feels like an overblown, overlong computer game that really belongs on PlayStation. At 93 minutes the film is twice as long as it should be.

To sit through artificially generated visuals for that length of time is a huge ask. The film tries hard to be funny but just assumes a smattering of profanity will do the job. The narrative makes one essential point about the computer game industry; an idea will only work if it portrays death and destruction with a suitable body count. But that in itself is hardly an earth shattering conclusion. It is surprising the film is a prequel which clearly indicates a degree of success for the brand. So ultimately ticks the bottom line because people must like it. But from a personal viewpoint I really can’t see why?


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