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Black Orchid Challenge short film review

Updated: Oct 6, 2020


Directed by: Kevin Cappiello

Written by: Kevin Cappiello

Starring: Brooklyn Allan

Still from Black Orchid Challenge showing protagonist Brooklyn Allan.
Still Image from Black Orchid Challenge

Here is a clever little horror film, one that is bound to send a chill down the viewer's spine and make them look over their shoulder!

A young woman works as a live streamer. She is in her darkened bedroom, playing games on her computer, being filmed by a webcam and other people are sending their comments to her, while she speaks through a microphone. She then receives an invitation by an unknown person to play a game called 'Black Orchid Challenge'. She accepts and things quickly turn sinister.

The film is shown entirely through the webcam's vision of her inside her room and through her point of view as she looks at her computer screen and interacts with it. The woman is the only person seen in the film. The comments that other online users send to her appear on the screen and there are also effective uses of the split-screen technique. Generally, the film was made in such a way that it feels like the viewer is watching a regular streamer from their own computer.

The film starts off innocently but it does not take long for the tension and suspense to build up. Once the heroine has decided to take part in that bizarre challenge, things rapidly turn into a nightmare. She sees terrifying drawings on the screen and strange occurrences take place inside her apartment! While all this is happening, other people are sending messages, trying to warn her! All these events create a nail-biting experience that does not lose its grip, right until the heart-stopping ending!

As the main lead, Allan delivers a believable performance as a logical, cautious, down-to-earth individual who refuses to believe that her life might be in danger.

Credit should also go to Sergio Kalisiak's artwork. The creepy drawings do a great job in giving the audience the creeps and informing them that things are about to get bad! And the beautifully animated sequence at the very beginning adds a great value.

To conclude, if one is looking for a frightening, four-minute experience, then this well made horror story is definitely worth checking out! It is unlikely you will ever stay by yourself in a dark room again!



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