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Bill & Ted Face the Music Trailer

As reboots go, Bill & Ted Face the Music is up there. More a threequel than a reboot, the classic adventure-comedy duo are back in this Bill and Ted Face the Music trailer with plenty of gentle comedy, rocking out, and talk about destiny needing to be fulfilled.

Director Dean Parisot (whose filmography includes RED 2 and Galaxy Quest) has a tough balance to strike. Bill & Ted fans are united in a love of late 80s early 90s nostalgia, where the central characters were as “lost” as they were. What can be seen in the Bill and Ted Face the Music Trailer are the same two characters, now married with kids, experiencing a very similar sensation of being “lost” but the world has moved on dramatically. Will the Keanu Reeves adoration be enough to see this film elevate itself above anything other than a gimmicky throwback? Or worse, a conspicuous cash grab? Time will tell.

Bill & Ted Face the Music trailer starring Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter (pictured)
Bill & Ted Face the Music trailer

What's in the Bill & Ted Face the Music Trailer?

What can be gleaned from the movie trailer is that much of the tone and atmosphere remains unchanged. This could easily have followed on from Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey, just with some age-defying tricks (if only the technology had been available at the time).

Who is back for Bill & Ted Face the Music?

Alex Winter is back as Bill, having done more directing than noteworthy acting in the interim from the original two movies and Bill & Ted Face the Music. His chemistry with Reeves seems spot-on in the trailer.

William Sadler is back as Death. Check.

The ever-funny Kristen Schaal can be seen in the trailer, rocking up as an other-worldly character who will likely be the harbinger of adventure for Bill & Ted.

It is also likely that Dave Grohl will have a cameo somewhere in the film (as seen on the IMDb cast list), a stalwart of 90s culture, this can only be a good thing.

Check out the Bill and Ted Face the Music Trailer below and let us know what you think. Extra points for using the phrase “Woah”.



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