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Behind Closed Doors short film

Directed by Stanislava Buevich & Lara Myles Starring Fanny Escobar, Liliana Scuderi, & Rob Talbot Short Film Review by Chris Olson

Behind Closed Doors film review

Short thriller Behind Closed Doors is a striking and surprising treat, brimming with tension and intrigue. Running at around 3 minutes, filmmakers Stanislava Buevich and Lara Myles have done superbly well to create a formidable piece of filmmaking that sucks you in, twists you around, and spits you back out, all within the same time some movies take to run their opening credits! A woman (Liliana Scuderi) arrives home during the daylight hours and proceeds to unwind in her house. It is quickly revealed someone (Fanny Escobar) is hiding in a cupboard. As the two characters inevitably collide, what first seems like a home invasion thriller becomes something completely different, but equally as terrifying. With standout performances from all three players (including Rob Talbot who joins the film in the latter section), Behind Closed Doors is a short film running on supercharge. Everything about the film is poised and sharp, with no room for any superfluity, including baggy dialogue. Scuderi delivers a captivating performance using naturalistic movement and expression, with the roving camera focusing largely on her during the fluid sequences through the house. Escobar is also a great presence, allowing the viewer the be sucked in by her foreboding suggestion to the plot without revealing too much of her character. Whilst Talbot is a formidable presence during the final moments, giving the film an immense climax. There is a lot to enjoy in a short film like Behind Closed Doors, and the movie goes a long way to prove what can be done under tight filmmaking constrictions. The svelte tone of the overall atmosphere allows the harrowing events to focus quicker, getting the audience immediately invested. This “no nonsense” approach is where the premise of a film is allowed full reign, with no unnecessary distractions. The simplicity of the idea is where the power of the film lies. A particular scene stood out for being hugely effective involving Escobar being under the sofa. The sharp cutting and dark aesthetic was really well done, coupling thriller and horror moments to create something quite special. A later scene in a bedroom is also phenomenally affecting, where all three characters come together...I will not spoil what happens as viewers should enjoy this for yourselves! Aside from being too short there is not much to criticise about Behind Closed Doors. It is consistently engaging and tense throughout, working in a number of visual and story challenges for the viewer, with some great, albeit brief, performances from a talented cast.

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