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Bad President film review

Updated: Nov 30, 2020


Directed by: Param Gill

Written by: Param Gill, John Buchanan

Starring: Eddie Griffin, Jeff Rector, Melanie Marden

Poster for Bad President showing graffiti.
Movie Poster for Bad President

Time to relax and have a bit of fun!

Before becoming the 45th president of the United States, Donald John Trump had a career as a businessman and television personality. How did he become president? Did the Devil have something to do with it?

The Devil (Griffin), or Luther as he calls himself, has taken the form of a man and is sitting on his throne, in a dark alley. He is having a conversation with his three associates: Anger, Misery and Shame (also in human form). They are trying to decide how to bring more evil to the world! Then one of them has an idea: help Donald Trump become president! Why? Because they believe he is a bad person!

This enjoyable, clever satire explores Trump's journey that led to him becoming president. Blending fiction with reality, it suggests that, apart from his determination and connections, he was significantly assisted by Satan! Bad President indeed!

The film follows Trump as he gets closer and closer to achieving his goal and often cuts to Luther and his friends in the alley, discussing his progress and deciding what to do next. There are also many scenes of fictional news reports, with actors portraying news presenters in a television studio, announcing the facts to the public.

Rector is rather entertaining as he comically mimics Trump's personality and mannerisms. He has altered his appearance, in order to resemble the president and it does work! Trump is portrayed as stupid, obnoxious, a womanizer and having a dislike towards Mexicans. Griffin is equally amusing as the prince of darkness. He constantly grins, is determined to succeed and is mean (he is the Devil after all). Generally the entire cast deliver goofy, satirical performances and many portray real individuals, including politicians and members of Trump's family, while utilizing appropriate makeup, hairstyle and clothing in order to resemble their characters.

The movie is a nonstop insult towards Trump. He is ridiculed by the filmmakers, who use satire, dark humour, adult humour, profanity, irony and exaggeration. The ultimate goal appears to be that the film suggests Trump is not to be taken seriously as a politician and should never had reached the position that he did.

Gill has done a good job with the directing, creating many outstanding establishing shots. And the music that is heard throughout effectively accompanies the situations, as it sounds rather comical.

From start to finish, Bad President is a good laugh. The humour is uses is clever and it never runs out of steam. It may not appeal to everyone, but it does offer a good time.

Will Donald Trump himself like this film?



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