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B - Negative indie film


Written and Directed by #PhilipCodd



Philip Codd’s B-Negative is a bizarre comedy all about blood, vampires and one man who volunteers to try to help these vampires gain true immortality.

B-Negative opens in a fertility clinic as Barry, played by Jack Lee, and Kate, played by Louise Willoughby, are given the bad news that they are unable to have children. The couple have been together for three years and it is clear that Barry is embarrassed by the prospect of his infertility. The filming style reinforces Barry’s boring life and the ambiguity surrounding whether it is truly his wish to have children. He appears to be jealous of his friend who is free and not confined by a relationship. It is through this friend that Barry learns about and attends a meeting run by The Ancient Order of Nocturnal Immortal Phlebotomists of Albion.

The film does a great job at contrasting Barry’s everyday life with the unusual and bizarre situation he finds himself in when he goes down to the meeting at the secret society. The lighting and mood of the setting becomes darker and eerie music begins to play. Barry meets this group of vampires within the order who are dying off as they need to recruit more donors of their rare, particular blood group: B – negative. Barry agrees to help find new donors for the group and what follows is a strange number of encounters as he tries to find these new members for the order, as things escalate along the way.

Even though B-Negative builds itself as a comedy which doesn’t take itself too seriously, the film revolves too much around Barry and his comedy, with jokes that often don’t land and become old rather quickly. Unfortunately, the comedic timing feels misjudged and from the outset it becomes apparent that the humour takes away from the darker and more sinister elements of the production. Many of these scenes feel stunted, as if they have potential yet result in feeling quite dull and repetitive amidst the film’s lengthy running time.

Overall, B–Negative takes the awkward and confused male lead and plants him in the middle of a ridiculous group of vampires all thirsting for blood. The premise itself is an intriguing and unique one which does carry some fun elements and comedic value. However, the film’s overall execution is awkward and feels overly drawn out.


Watch the official movie trailer for B-Negative below.



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