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Autophobia short film review


Directed by: #LukeCouch

Written by: Luke Couch

Starring: #RowanBywater and #LoriAda


Today, thanks to the wonderful world of movie reviews, I learnt a new word, Autophobia.

Autophobia is the intense fear of being alone, one where by the patient feels severe anxiety and fear, even when in a safe space. Let’s say that does not sound like a whole load of fun, unless you are really into being scared.

Anyway, this week’s short flick is titled just that, and tells the tale of a young man in a therapist’s office, reliving a nightmare that plagues him on the reg, one where he is running through the forest unable to outrun himself...seems logical since you are you, and you can’t beat you, or can you? Only you can know...Ow, my brain.

This #shortfilm focuses doesn’t focus directly on the story, but is more concerned with creating the feeling of tension, fear, anxiety, all of the symptoms that people suffering from autophobia would feel. Writer and director Luke Couch does this by employing close and personal camera angles, forcing the viewer to look directly into the eyes of the character on screen. We are with them through their fear and stress, living in the moment.

Another choice that #filmmaker Couch uses to generate an uneasy viewing experience is the musical score, clunky clonky piano sounds, the broken yet composed sounds reminds me of the famous theme from Halloween, composed by Carpenter after they told him that the film was just not scary enough without it. Couch, like Carpenter has realised the importance of using the correct score and the impact it can have on the audience, and it’s broken harmonic implications continue the rising tension of Autophobia.

The claustrophobic therapist office, the invading soundtrack and personal camera angles leave the viewer on edge and anxious. We are fully immersed in our leading man’s fear, and for a short movie with a 4-minute running time that is an impressive result from the #filmmakers.

Oh yeah, don’t think I have overlooked our little Luke Couch, a man with the triple threat erotica that I expel every time I unearth one from the world of independent film...but wait Luke is a little different, and not unlike a country with a stable economy or smartphone that does not let the government track your every move, we had found the next rarity...the quint threat, that means 5.

5 things, good for you Luke, I am in awe of your dedication and skill set, and not only that your ability to address and present an accurate depiction of a mental health disorder that often goes uninvestigated, and as a short film Autophobia is just that, a study of an illness, an immersion into the world of those who suffer from this mental five hats off to you.



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