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Another Life short film

Directed by Javid Rezai Starring Sally Paffett, Francesca Bailey, Roberta Morris and Jennifer Stacey Short Film Review by Owen Herman

Another Life is a short film that looks, over the course of one day, at the lives of two women, both seemingly connected through a story one of them is writing. They share similarities in their relationships with others; both have problems with important male figures in their lives yet both manage to find someone close to confide in.

It is these relationships and their breakdown that is the key to the story. Jen, a young girl haunted by the death of her mother and the actions of her father, finds comfort writing about Emma, whose life soon unravels in its own ways. The ways their lives bear so many sad similarities, despite Emma being presented as better, imaginary life for Jen, make the short film’s story resonate. The breakdown of relationships with people you once loved, no matter how perfect it first seems, is an intriguing topic explored well by Javid Rezai.

Another life is beautifully shot, with some great cinematic moments that make it a treat to watch, thanks to William Hadley and his assistants behind the camera. The best thing is, as the story evolves, the short film arrives naturally at these brilliantly shot moments. This is very different to shaping the story in order to force cinematic moments, something which a lot of directors are guilty of (Javid Rezai could teach the supposed “visionary” Zack Snyder a thing or two).

A strong, well-written script and great performances from all involved, particularly Sally Paffett and Francesca Bailey, bring the short film to life and make it engaging and convincing. The eventual solace Jen finds through a friendly face is utterly believable, despite the lack of time you are able to spend with the characters. It is at moments like these that the script and actors’ performances shine, enabling the depth to each character, both in their back story and personalities, to come through.

A great piece of original music, “Late Night”, plays as the short film ends, rounding off an impressively cinematic experience. Another life is crafted well and is an engaging, beautifully shot piece of work that feels very professional.


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