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After the Pandemic film review


Directed by: Richard Lowry

Written by: Richard Lowry

Starring: Eve James, Kannon Smith

Poster for After the Pandemic showing protagonists.
Poster for After the Pandemic

A struggle for survival in a hostile, post-apocalyptic world.

A deadly virus has been unleashed, wiping out billions of people. The young ones appear to be more resistant to the effects of the virus. The story takes place five years after the outbreak. Now cities are abandoned, with survivors here and there, doing what they can to carry on. Apart from the virus, they must also avoid the 'Stalkers', who are adults that wear white suits and masks, carry guns and travel around in vehicles, looking for young survivors. Their intention is to capture them and perform experiments, in order to find a cure. Ellie (James) is a young girl, living by herself in a deserted town. One day, she comes across Quinn (Smith), a hardened youth, who knows how to fight and survive. The two of them realize that they can help each other and decide to stay together.

This entertaining Sci-Fi adventure is kind of a combination between A Quiet Place and I Am Legend. The Stalkers have devices that can detect sound, therefore the survivors need to keep noise to a minimum and the virus grotesquely alters the body of the infected, making their skin turn red and full of wounds. After the dramatic intro, the tone is calm for the next twenty minutes as the film focuses on Ellie living alone and there is no dialogue. Then the action and tension keep on rising, as the two protagonists try to avoid being caught.

The main focus of the narrative is the relationship between the two leads. Ellie is a sensitive person, who wants to help others. Quinn is a survival expert, who would rather be by herself. Throughout the film, both go through significant character development, as Ellie becomes tougher and Quinn learns that having others around is better.

The mise-en-scene contains things often seen in movies about virus outbreaks: mutated victims, people wearing lab protective suits, face masks and individuals doing their best to remain alive in kill-or-be-killed situations. The makeup of the infected is rather good, revealing the severity of its effects. The main threat are the Stalkers, who never speak or reveal their faces, making them appear more threatening and inhuman.

Lowry does a great job as director and creates fantastic establishing shots. He also contributed to the rather intriguing music, which sounds like it belongs in an eighties B-Movie.

After the Pandemic does have it flaws. The acting is not convincing and neither are some of the special effects. However, it offers an enjoyable viewing, with an appealing plot and nail-biting moments.


Trailer for After the Pandemic:


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