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A Storybook Ending short film review


Directed by: Lanre Olabisi

Written by: Lanre Olabisi

Starring: Carra Patterson, Rotimi Paul, Sawandi Wilson, Toni Ann DeNoble

Movie Poster for A Storybook Ending showing actor
Movie Poster for A Storybook Ending

Time for an exciting thriller. Get ready for violence, blood, murder, plenty of profanity and hand-to-hand combat. These are the kind of experiences that Lanre Olabisi's rollercoaster ride of a film A Storybook Ending has to offer.

The story focuses on a rather unpleasant situation: a couple (Patterson and Paul) have two criminals (DeNoble and Wilson) tied up inside their home after the latter broke in and attempted to blackmail them for money. Previously Paul's character had accidentally killed a policeman and the two thugs had filmed the incident on their phone. They now demand a large sum in return for their silence, while the law-abiding couple refuse and offer a significantly smaller amount instead. Things swiftly get out of control.

There is not a single dull moment. The audience will become engaged with the story and characters and will be kept in great suspense as they watch the events unfold. Olabisi's dynamic screenplay is made out of interesting characters in interesting scenes with entertaining dialogue, filled with arguments, shouting and swearing and bound to get the viewer's attention.

Patterson and Paul are very convincing as a well-meaning couple who just happened to get themselves into trouble. Wilson and DeNoble are outstanding and menacing as the aggressive, foulmouthed fiends and it is obvious that they are both having a lot of fun with their characters. Generally the four main leads do a great job in showing their character's emotions, bringing top qualities to this project.

Although the film has dark themes such as crime and violence, it also has dark humour. The soundtrack includes three great pieces: the brilliant Carmen Habanera by French composer Georges Bizet, Problem Child by Roy Orbison and I'll Change My Way For You by Danny Stewart. These tracks are rather light-hearted and they bring an amusing tone to an otherwise serious and nasty film.

The filmmakers and cast all deserve a lot of praise for their collaboration and efforts in making this widely entertaining film, which is well-worthy of people's time and appreciation.

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