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A Momentary Yearning film review


Directed by: Faraaz Husain Rahman

Written by: Faraaz Husain Rahman

Starring: Mathilde Anglade, Lachlan Ingham

Film Review by: Rochelle McLaren


A Momentary Yearning Movie Review
A Momentary Yearning Movie Review

A Momentary Yearning Movie Review

Directed by Faraaz H Rahman, A Momentary Yearning is a short film that tells the story about a young man named Francis (Lachlan Ingham) who reunites with his ex -lover Nadine, (Mathilde Anglade) after 10 years to discover a heart-breaking secret.

A Momentary Yearning begins at an airport this is where the audience are first introduced to Francis. When the audience members first meet Francis, they may wonder if he is on business trip, this is due to the way he is dressed and the fact that he just came from an airport.

When the audience are introduced to Nadine, they see her learning how to ride a bike in a park. This would give an impression that Nadine is an adventurous, energetic and a fun young lady. However, some audience members may wonder why she is learning how to ride a bike at her age which would make them question her childhood. As the audience briefly learns about Francis and Nadine’s relationship, they may wonder how they met and how long they had been together. When both characters first meet up, the audience finally discovers how much life has changed for them since they had last seen each other, this is where Francis learns about Nadine’s big secret. Nadine’s big secret would leave the audience with many questions as her secret is revealed as a cliff hanger. This is a brilliant way for the director to interact with his audience members. Performance-wise both characters worked well and with the use of strong facial expressions enhanced their performance.

A Momentary Yearning includes a few interesting film techniques that help interact with the audience. The first technique used is speech balloons. After Francis exits the airport he sits outside on a bench, where he looks at his messages on his phone where the audience gets to see the messages as speech balloons. This is important because the messages being shown let the audience know of Francis’ job role. The second technique used is flashbacks, this is used when Francis is sitting on the bench as he thinks back to when he and Nadine were happily together. This flashback is important because this is where the audience learns about their relationship. The last technique used subtitles, there were a few words that Nadine said in another language however the director added in subtitles to convert it into English this shows that the director doesn’t forget about his audience. The use of instrumental music enhances the effect throughout the film.

Overall, the film flows well, from the beginning the audience learns about Francis’ job and it leads straight into his and Nadine’s relationship. The audience also learns about Francis’ childhood, which will make the audience understand him more. This film is recommended to the audience members who are a lover for cliff hangers.



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