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3000 (2022) Short Film Review


Directed by: #ChinHsiangChang

Written by: #ChinHsiangChang


In the distant future, a female synthetic android wakes in a cabin deep in the woods, having no memory of finding herself there and tries to discover her past alongside an enigmatic male synthetic.

3000 (2022) is an experimental short, with the students at American college Chapman University collaborating to present this seventeen minute sci-fi/fantasy short to silver screens. The film has also been submitted for Best Short Film at FilmFreeway.

Director and writer Chin Chang makes the bold choice to present a narrative purely driven by the stunning visuals and silent performances from its two leads. The entire film looks incredible, with a pristine, visceral image quality which makes great use of the wide aspect ratio. The narrative is quite ambiguous with many questions raised, although the clear focus is on the complex, deep relationship between the two androids.

3000 (2022) screengrab

There is a dreamlike quality due to the experimental take with a slow pace, compiled together with montages which raise many questions regarding the nature of the androids and a compelling mystery is set up surrounding the good or bad intentions of the male. The central focus of the synthetic androids and the flashing blue beacons on the backs of their necks make for a creative sci-fi concept and a suitably futuristic sound design with the electronic pulsing adds to the immersive style.

As the female android tries to understand her current situation, we briefly see a glimpse at their past where scientists are assessing the physical qualities of both androids. An alarm suddenly blares and the two hide in a cupboard, beginning something new together. Stars Lea Catania and Jackson Millhollan share good chemistry, their relationship formed on a deep emotional connection which is spurred on by tender physical intimacy. They perform wonders without a word spoken, relying on the intensity of their gazes and the almost childlike manner in which they touch and explore one another’s bodies.

This strong connection between the pair is especially prevalent during a beautiful montage at the end of the short. The two are seen sharing a bed and shower together, whilst gazing in to each other’s eyes and clearly experiencing a strong romantic desire for one another. This montage is scored by a simple, yet profound piano piece which heightens the complex, yet passionate relationship between them.

Although 3000 does not present anything wholly original and its story can be a little difficult to fully understand, its endearing qualities can be found in the reliable appliance of the classic ‘show, don’t tell’ rule and two captivating performances from its leads.



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