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3 awesome Short Film Trailers

Film Feature by Chris Olson

Amid the chaos and noise of the movie industry, getting attention to the little guys can be difficult...and by little guys I simply mean in terms of industry power. Here at UK Film Review we review and promote movies of all kinds, from the biggest theatrical releases to the tiniest short films. With that in mind here are 3 awesome Short Film Trailers for you to enjoy.



We reviewed this sci-fi short back in May 2017 and we wowed by its concept and strong directorial proficiency. Take a look at the stunning (if brief) movie trailer below...



Yet to be reviewed on our site, this wacky and engaging movie trailer has a lot going for it. Audiences that are intrigued by the trailer should also check out the option to rent the short film on Vimeo...


Taylor's Shadow

From FreshRB Studios, check out this awesome short film trailer of the movie written and directed by Damilola Babalola.



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