2025 The Genocide Program short film review


Directed by: #NickMyer

Written by: #NickMyer

Short Film Review by: Shrubaboti Bose

This short film has a very interesting take on the sociopolitical scenario of today’s world. A military insider has supposedly escaped from the base camp to transmit a secret message to his close friend Jack, warning him about a soon-to-be-imposed dangerous plan of a global culling. He says, “The people have to wake up from their mind-control state” and claims that it is a “Red Alert Situation”. He discusses how the system has placed microchip implants inside every human beings such that nobody can detect their presence or stop the “depopulating” strategy when it finally kicks in. The static noises that can be heard along with the tone of urgency in the voice of the protagonist grabs our attention right from the start.

The emergency of the situation is emphasised by the sound effects, adding a layer of suspense to the film. It is significant to note that though most of the story is provided to us through the voice-over technique, the sepia-coloured edgy graphics build up tension and create a stunning visual impact on the audience. The images used in this textured animated video-clip have further symbolical significance rather than merely serving as props in the post-apocalyptic setting. The Eye of Providence, for instance, also known as Divine Providence, here has become replaced by an all-seeing system of surveillance suggesting the gaze and overall dominance of the authoritarian regime by using the image of a room full of computers recording minute statistical data, and thus exercising a silent control over the population.

The director seems to acknowledge that the film has been inspired by George Orwell’s novel, 1984 which portrays a similar dystopian society. Every move of every individual is being watched and recorded by the authority. The film also indicates how there is a greater “UN illusion scam” taking place and refers to the spread of diseases such as cancer as being arranged with an ulterior motive by this secret organisation to reduce the number of people inhabiting Earth. He also expresses his concern over the immediacy of the problem and states his wishes to refrain from being a part of this whole genocide program. According to the insider, the only way to resist this “invasion” is by becoming conscious and staying suspicious about these changes at all times.

One must admit that the film focuses on extremely relevant issues of the modern world. The growing rates of surveillance of the government through the internet and social networking sites, especially within states apparently upholding democracy, their deliberate curbing of people’s freedom to speech through acts of censorship, the extent of indifference and intolerance that is being fostered among people globally is indeed a very disturbing phenomenon and it has been rightly questioned in this film. With regards to its public appeal in terms of social relevance, it is highly possible to visualise this as being developed into a full-fledged sci-fi film, that which is the ultimate goal of the director, since despite its limitations as a short film, it succeeds in capturing our attention and making us ponder about these questions.