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2024 short film review


Directed by: Tony Ogunyinka

Written by: Tony Ogunyinka

Starring: Jd Roth-round, Jonny Hall, Patrice Naiambana

Poster for 2024 showing title.
Poster for 2024

The year is 2024 and things have changed. England is now being ruled by a cruel and dominative government that enforces brutal policing and strict laws. Anyone who opposes them is severely punished, however there is a secret organization working against them There is also a drug called 'UDH', that has been legalized and causing chaos on the streets, as it makes users loose motivation.

Ethan Cole (Roth-round) has returned to London, after having spent ten years in the army. He is oblivious to the changes his country has gone through and finds that his wife is missing. He visits his acquaintance Collin (Hall), hoping that he might know where she is. Collin believes that she has been taken by bad people. Not long after, government enforcers catch up with them.

This thriller has a plot that resembles 1984 and is rather intruiging. A merciless government utilizes extreme methods in order to keep the public under control. The brutality of the enforcers is shown through beatings and ruthless interrogation.

The film begins with a well-constructed montage made out of fictional news reports announcing the legalization of UDH and informing viewers regarding the government's actions on various matters. There are numerous great aerial shots of London and wonderful shots of clouds moving in fast motion over buildings. The dynamic score signifies action and adventure. There is also a brief but awesome sequence, that involves special effects in an eyeball.

Roth-round makes an interesting protagonist, as the hardened former soldier, determined to locate his wife. Naiambana delivers a menacing portrayal as the one in charge of suppressing violent incidents.

2024 provides an amusing experience. It paints a picture of a society living in fear by its own government. The characters are engaging, the story gripping and it is definitely worthy of attention.



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