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Swati Verma


Posted on:

Apr 18, 2023

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Sandeep Sharma
Written by:
Sandeep Sharma, Mughdha Shah
Rhythm Rajyaguru, Anil Modi, Dhuruvin Kumar

The name of the short film-Unintentional given by the writer-director Sandeep Sharma to elevate the elements of drama, thrill, mystery, and suspense to increase the degree of audience engagement with the content through Nisha (Rhythm Rajyaguru).


The plot of Unintentional revolves around a young and successful restaurant owner who was tasting her success, little did she know her nasty past contained some horrible consequences which could take away her everything.


The white font of Unintentional has the connotation of purity, simplicity, and innocence that are in danger of being destroyed due to the subject matter of the film. The dramatic piece opens with the voiceover sounding like a police investigation along with an upbeat yet eerie sound effect utilised to make the audience pay tension to even the minute details showcased. The narrative continuously moves back and forth between the present as well as the past time lines during the questioning allowing the viewers to be interested and involved with the movie as the storyline picks up pace. The combination of white, black yellow colours to set the tone, set design, dim lighting, dialogues, costume, hair, makeup, and props complement the mood as well as the genre of Unintentional. The director has smartly incorporated sub-plots in the movie in an attempt to add a surprise element for the audience as they reach the climax of the crime drama.


In terms of performance, Rhythm Rajyaguru plays the female protagonist Nisha Mehta who believes in giving her 100 percent when it comes to both professional and personal spaces. Rajyaguru depicts the changes in Nisha’s behaviour as per the script utilising body language, voice modulation, facial expressions, and eyes. The actress portrays the stress and emotional trauma the character goes through and appeals for an instant connection and the viewers too want to be at her side praying hard to come out of the abusive relationship she is bearing with.

Anil Modi plays the role of Shrey(Nisha’s husband) who comes across as an ideal boyfriend/husband material initially but later we are introduced to multiple shades of Shrey. Modi finds a balance between the two versions of the character arc and executes the transition effectively and efficientl

Dhurvin Kumar as the police inspector illustrates the combination of empathy as well alertness the two major qualities required daily especially when on duty mode. Kumar understands the nuances and delivers them as per the demand of the screenplay.


Unintentional talks about the importance of keeping the career and personal equations separate or else one has to face dire consequences that would become irreparable as time passes. The short film reiterates the fact that violence as well as aggression will always pull someone toward their downfall only. The thriller movie highlights the power of law and so advises the audience to not commit anything wrong because the police can get the culprit to confess. The cinematic piece also discusses the significance of marriage in Indian culture but one shouldn’t be forced to stay in the relationship especially when it comes at the cost of mental stress or a threat to life.

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Swati Verma
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