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This Is Your Song

average rating is 5 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Nov 25, 2023

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This Is Your Song
Directed by:
Hassan Said
Written by:
Hassan Said, Lourdes Figueroa
Briana Walsh, Jordan Potch

Disclosures cause a young couple to go through a rather turbulent evening.


One of the most memorable aspects of this feature length drama is the way it was filmed, which was to make it appear like a two-hour-plus single take, much like the 2014 film Birdman, although that does not apply to the last five minutes or so. By utilising that form of fimmaking, the events in the narrative take place in real time, with the camera (and the audience) following the protagonists from a theatre stage, to the dressing room, to the building's bar, to the streets of San Francisco and finally to their apartment. The camerawork is brilliant throughout, creating wonderful visuals that are supported by Peggy Peralta's terrific cinematography.


The story follows Jules (Walsh), a talented theatre actress and her husband James (Potch), a writer. The screenplay begins with Jules on stage, ending the play she is starring in, then she chats with a colleague friend, has an awkward conversation with a businessman, before meeting with James and the two of them walk back home. It is when the couple get together that the plot focuses entirely on them. Initailly, things seem OK between them: they look happy together, have good jobs, live in a nice apartment and it is actually their seventh wedding anniversary. As the story progresses, more and more revelations create drama and tension. Without giving too much away, James announces that he has a new job, which means that they will have to move out of San Francisco and Jules disapproves, a positive pregnancy test follows, along with confessions of infidelity. All this leads to an anniversary celebration turning into a rather unpleasant environment, with a great deal of crying, arguing, shouting and confrontations, but also comforting and a passionate sex scene.


The story is basically a couple's relationship that is on the brink of collapse and Walsh and Potch's are outstanding in their portrayals of two people who are a married couple, yet they have contradicting views regarding life and keep secrets from each other. Jules is passionate about her profession and wishes to pursue it, while James is willing to abandon writing in favour of a more profitable and realistic career. This, along with the revelations, will turn their evening into an endless barrage of accusations, insults and monologues, creating an atmosphere that is emotionally almost unbearable, espeacially with the convincing acting of the two lead's and Brad Fischer's dramatic, beautiful and tense score that creates melancholic and distressing feelings.


This film is about a couple's unstable relationship during a life-changing evening. It is a story that involves revelations, confessions, confrontations, flaws, regrets, self-reflection, pursuing dreams and making life-changing decisions. The script, the acting and the score make this a moving and powerful viewing that explores what makes a strong relationship. Is it trust? Is it support? Is it understanding each other? Beautifully filmed, it is an emotional roller-coaster and one that does not fail to be intriguing during its long duration and the closing montage is rather moving.

This Is Your Song is currently available on Amazon Prime Video.

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