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The Flash

average rating is 3 out of 5


Brian Penn


Posted on:

Jun 24, 2023

Film Reviews
The Flash
Directed by:
Andy Muschietti
Written by:
Christina Hodson, John Francis Daley, Jonathan Goldstein, Joby Harold
Ezra Miller, Sasha Calle, Michael Shannon

Early incarnations of the Flash dubbed him the Scarlet Speedster, a superhero who personified speed in all its myriad forms. He was the impudent younger member of the Justice League who cleared up after Batman’s exploits. The ability to run at the speed of light quickly becomes a power to travel through time and make reality stand still. This latest offering from DC Studios ticks all the right boxes and walks a reasonable line between action and narrative.


Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) is a forensic scientist on a mission to expose failings in the justice system. His father is languishing in jail following a miscarriage of justice. Henry Allen was wrongly convicted of his mother's murder when Barry was a child. However, a lab accident during a thunderstorm gave him special powers and a new alter ego. As the Flash he becomes a member of Justice League alongside Batman and Superman. But Barry is still tortured by his Father's imprisonment. His super powers enable him to go back in time; so why not alter events that led to his mother's death. He seeks counsel from Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) who warns him not to disturb the past. But since when did super heroes do as they’re told?


Amidst the dazzling visuals there is room left for the story to properly develop. Like all super heroes the Flash has a back story and the audience see something of the life he once had. The action sequences are genuinely exciting and more enjoyable because there is space in between; something more noticeable than on previous films in the DC/Marvel franchise. There are some great cameos as Batmans past and present take their bow.


The visuals are more impressive than ever and the streets of Gotham City bear an uncanny resemblance to good old London Town. The level of technical excellence nudges the bar even higher; particularly when Barry is confronted by his doppelganger. But it loses a star because of the frequency of films in this genre. There have been 55 such films made in the last decade and is consequently robbed of any real status and quality. But it’s an entertaining brand that we’ve watched a hundred times before and will watch a hundred times again.

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Brian Penn
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