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The Farm

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

May 23, 2023

Film Reviews
The Farm
Directed by:
Ryan Pace
Written by:
Ryan Pace
Alicia Kelley, Austin Chunn

A couple live in an isolated location and try to live life.


Catherine (Kelley) and Tom (Chunn) are a married couple who live on a farm that used to be run by Tom and his late father. They have been there for a year, living a quiet life, just the two of them, with Catherine working in the healthcare industry and Tom attempting to make the farm operational again. As time goes by, they make the most of what they have, yet both of them are facing inner struggles.


A rather moving story about the relationship between a young couple and the emotional challenges they are going through. The whole narrative takes place at the farm, making it seem like that is the couple's entire world, an isolated house, surrounded by nature. Generally, the pace is slow and the screenplay effectively explores the couple's loving relationship, making it clear that they love each other dearly. However, they both have internal wounds, with Tom struggling to come to terms with the loss of his parents and Catherine's inability to get pregnant. The narrative pretty much balances the goods and the bads of the couple's situation, with scenes showing their happiness and scenes where they get to express their sorrow. There is heavy drama throughout and tender moments and things move towards life and death circumstances during the climax.


Both Kelley and Chunn are terrific in their portrayals of two people who are united by love, yet their inner pain threatens their bond. Although they have differences, including the work they do for a living which is quite different from each other, the way they interact with a child that they babysit clearly indicates that they both would make loving parents. The voice-over they provide also gives the viewer an opportunity to understand their emotions.


As mentioned, the pace is slow, which is not a bad thing, however a great deal of time is spend on Tom as he works around the farm, particularly when he deals with a faulty motor vehicle. Although this reveals how dedicated he is, perhaps it would had been better if the script used this time to explore the characters more.


Pace does a terrific job as the director, creating marvelous shots of the countryside that capture the beauty of nature. The slow motion parts look great and huge commendations go to composers Rachel F. Williams and Emmanuel Abrudean for the mesmerising music that develops powerful emotions. Richard Sanborn and Adam Bova also deserve praise for the editing that includes creative dissolve techniques.


This feature is an emotional story about inner pain and love, loss and guilt, told through the perspective of a couple who are somewhat separated from the rest of the world. The story also points out the joys of having someone for support and to care for and the blissfulness of living a quiet life in the countryside.

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