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Jason Knight


Posted on:

Oct 18, 2022

Film Reviews
Directed by:
John Clark
Written by:
John Clark
Josh Ward, Sally Cancello, Ali Mylon

An insight into the life of a man who has autism.


Clark's debut film Snapshot is based on his own experiences while he was attempting to find a job as an autistic individual and through brilliant camerawork, editing and sound effects, this short reveals what it is like living with autism.


The main character and focus here is Ian (Ward), a young man who is autistic and is trying to find a job. The narrative is non-linear and keeps jumping back and forth through time, showing Ian attending job interviews, sitting in his bedroom or taking photographs, which is his passion. The struggles that he is dealing with are vividly shown. He has trouble communicating with people, he gets nervous and annoyed by noises or disruptions and fiddles with a dice. Photography appears to be his solace and a way of expressing himself. The film is quite dramatic and sometimes tense. Although the obstacles that autism causes play a big part in the story, there are more upbeat moments, that include Ian's determination to believe in himself and show people what he can do.


Clark directs in a way that shows the world through Ian's eyes, particularly with the many point-of-view shots that reveal how Ian feels while he is bombarded with questions during interviews.


A great deal of praise goes to Clark and Marcus Anuziz for the sound effects that help bring the viewer into Ian's mind, which include overlapping voices and noises by everyday objects. The dramatic music that Sean Fitzgibbon provides is a terrific addition that helps create a powerful atmosphere.


Richard Heap, Jim Wraith worked on the editing, along with Clark, and the result is very creative, with fast cutting techniques that signify the chaos that is going through Ian's mind.


Ward delivers an outstanding and dramatic performance as an autistic person and he portrays the struggles that people with this condition have to go through rather effectively.


This short drama is a character study that raises awareness of autism and explores the challenges autistic people have to deal with and also points out that people with this condition are capable of impressive accomplishments. It also looks into themes that involve being different, self-expression, self-esteem and finding one's place in the world. It is an admirable achievement that had a lot of work put into it and it deserves recognition.

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Jason Knight
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