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Swati Verma


Posted on:

Apr 6, 2023

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Daniel Daniel
Written by:
Anna Moore
Laura Marcus, Seabert Henry, Jayne Sharpe

The writer Anna Moore and Director Daniel Daniel have carefully chosen the name of the short film-Pull to define the phenomenon of attraction between the opposite gender through the three protagonists(Laura Marcus, Seabert Henry, and Jayne Sharpe).


The plot of Pull revolves around a young woman who craves an older man’s attention as well as affection but he already has a date.


The film opens with a side angle mid-shot of the young woman putting on makeup, the audience only sees a little blurry image of her face and later on the camera focuses to introduce the character to the audience assisting the filmmaker to build the sense of mystery leaving the viewers curious and increasing the interest in the content from the very start making it an interactive experience thus shaping the emotional connection with the movie. The makers have utilised red colour outfit and loud makeup for the daughter and a black dress and light makeup to complement their respective age brackets and represent very contrasting view points on the subject matter of the film. The muted colour pallet, set design, dim lighting, and dialogues have been kept subtle and the background music is peppy so that it fits into the drama that is going to unfold as the narrative moves forward.


In terms of performance, Laura Marcus plays the central character who wants to experiment with love as a youngster. Marcus showcases the range of emotional rollercoaster one tends to feel when he or she is freshly acquainted with the game of romance. The elegance, and confidence in the girl’s eyes, body language, and voice can be visible when she decides to approach her crush. The actress portrays her character with utmost honesty which adds the element of realism and makes it relatable for the audience watching the movie.

Jayne Sharpe plays the role of the mother who is balancing effectively between mom duties and giving dating another go. Sharpe appears at the crucial juncture of the script and through acting skills assists the dramatic piece to deliver key messages essential to provide a learning experience for the viewers.


Pull talks about attraction being temporary while love is a more long-term commitment so teenagers should be careful while dealing with differentiating between both concepts as emotions are important because they can influence major decisions that make or break one’s life. The short film reiterates that it is perfectly alright to concentrate on one’s physical and emotional needs and look for a romantic partner and even age or marital status shouldn’t be a barrier in doing so. The cinematic piece also highlights that young adults always want to drink Alcohol, smoke, and do drugs to appear cool as well as attractive to fit into the world of adults so that they can grab attention and no one can regard them as children. The creative piece restates that continuously learning and discovering new things about each other is very much required specially in the romantic relationship to figure out the compatibility if one wants it to last forever.

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Swati Verma
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