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Pet Yeti - Playing The Floor is Made of Lava

average rating is 2 out of 5


Joe Beck


Posted on:

Jul 11, 2022

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Pet Yeti - Playing The Floor is Made of Lava
Directed by:
Rakesh Jaitly
Written by:

‘Pet Yeti - Playing The Floor is Made of Lava’ is not so much a short film, but more of an unofficial music video for Soundcloud artist Pet Yeti. Music videos themselves have the power to tell stories ordinarily, however, this achieves nothing to make it stand out from the cloud - on both audible and visual fronts.


The ‘film’ puts the song together with a man - presumably Pet Yeti themselves - working on a piece of artwork. The final result of the painting is more interesting and poses more questions that the rest of the piece.


Despite the title, there is no glimpse of the iconic game ‘the floor is lava’ - which would have spiced up the ‘film’ tenfold. The gentleman is also definitely not by himself - with two accomplices lounging on the sofa whilst he undertakes the task of formulating the painting.


The song itself is very Bo Burnham, appeals no doubt to that sort of crowd, however, a truly great song should be able to resonate with everybody - unfortunately this song doesn’t do that. It meanders around, bringing up rogue themes of isolation and depression which don’t suit the overall positive vibe of the short. It’s tonally all over the place - a remarkable feat given it’s only three minutes long.


Watching ‘Pet Yeti - Playing the Floor is Made of Lava’, the question has to be raised - what really constitutes a film? This is the sort of thing - with a similar production value - that you’d find scrolling on TikTok. In any case, it doesn’t hold the attention - in fact, heeding the songs guidance, you’d be better off watching Star Trek on Netflix.


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